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Born and raised in Downtown Eastside Vancouver, Kanikin was active in the local punk scene during his teens. He currently resides in Japan and makes music as a solo artist.

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One Life (prod. Gummy Beatz)  Feb 6 2015

Backpack (prod. pink)  Jan 26 2020

good kids go to heaven (prod. Taurs)  Jan ‎27, ‎2020

Yeah Yeah Yeah (prod. Dead Spyro) Jan 28, 2020

Swimmin' (prod. WellFed) Feb 6 2020

Holiday (prod. Fantom) Feb 17 2020

Blow My Brains (prod. LOUD JEZZE)  Feb 20 2020

Head First (prod. Fantom)  Feb 23 2020

Scars (prod. Eddie B)  Feb 24 2020

Youngdumbfullofpunk (prod. Caps CTRL x Broken Waves)  Feb 29 2020

Bitter Old Man (prod. KyG Beats)  Mar 15 2020 

Stay Friends May 31 2020

Stay Friends (prod. wurlishmouk)

Pretty Thing (prod. pink)

Keyakizaka Sk8ing (prod. chibi)

Rockstar 2 (prod. Unknown Instrumentalz)  Jun 13 2020

So Lonely (prod. Valious)  Jun 19 2020​​

Life Changes (prod. AK BEATZ)  Oct 11 2020

Price Of Love (prod. sleepless boy)  Dec 31 2020

Another Way (prod. YoungAsko) Aug 19 2021

Nichijou (prod. Hayku) Apr 24 2021

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